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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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My Miscarriage Story to Help you

This is a very long post because I wanted to give as much details as possible to hopefully help you. Just like the stories that I read while I was going through this of others helped me.


I am writing a story of my miscarriage in hopes that it will help someone who is going through this now.

I have been trying to get pregnant for 11 years, trying everything imaginable except the IVF route. Because we believe in natural treatment of the body my husband and I did not want to do the IVF.

And so 11 or so years ago I set out on a journey to get pregnant. I did try chlomid which resulted in me gaining 20 extra pounds and my thyroid to malfunction, but a baby it did not produce. I got checked inside out, my tubes were checked, ovaries etc, and I was told that everything’s fine, the same with him and yet no baby. Unsatisfied with what modern medicine could offer, we looked to alternative medicine, we tried homeopathy, herbs, supplements, acupuncture, electrodermal screening, saliva tests, you name it. By the time year 10 has rolled around I pretty much gave up on the idea of us having kids, it seems like something incredibly elusive reserved for the elite.

However, my homeopathic doctor wasn’t going to give up and recommended another homeopath who has a high track record of getting infertile women fertile. Reluctantly I agreed to start working with her. Alas upon my 40th birthday, I finally got pregnant. It was incredible, I could hardly believe it. Could it truly be possible? Am I really pregnant? I took 20 urine home tests just to make sure it was true, but that still didn’t seem real. It wasn’t until I got my blood tested that the idea of our dream coming true was finally sinking in!

I was 5 weeks along! It was a miracle a true miracle that I have been waiting for, for 11 years. We decided to wait to tell everyone, we decided to tell them when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I found a midwife and got my prenatal tests done very early I was 6 weeks pregnant and in complete and utter disbelief that it finally happened.

At 7 weeks I requested to be sent for an ultrasound because it was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what to expect, I started getting concerned about everything. Reluctantly the midwife agreed and off we went. Here I will break up the rest of this story into bullet points so that it’ll be easier for you to read and track the progress, once again in hopes that my story will help those of you going through emotionally wrecking, painful and scary time in your life.


-At our 7th week ultrasound the technician found the sac but nothing more, no sign of baby, no fetal pole, nothing, just an empty sac. The technician said that I must have gotten confused with my periods because what she was seeing on the screen was that of a 5 ½ week pregnancy definitely not 7. She said I should come back in 2 weeks. My husband did not want to do that, he said it was a bad idea and we should wait for 4 weeks so that this time they will actually see something and we won’t put the fetus under unnecessary stress because he firmly believed that ultrasounds are not as safe as they say.

-On the night of the beginning of week 9 of pregnancy, I went to the bathroom and wiped brown blood. I was petrified, although quite honestly after seeing the first ultrasound 2 weeks before I pretty much understood that something really did go wrong, but I hoped and prayed that everything was going to be great and we would have our long-waited baby after all. I went to sleep but couldn’t sleep much as I was drifting in and out of sleep the reason was because I was shaking, everything inside of me seemed to shake and I felt a laser like very sharp pain straight in the middle of my abdomen, right where the belly button is. It felt as if someone took a laser and was moving it vertically through my abdomen cutting it in half. The cramps intensified severely but I was incredibly weak and could not even get up from bed.

-The next morning I told my husband that we need to go to ER because I started bleeding and because of everything that happened at night. There they took my blood, urine test and did an ultrasound. An ultrasound at 9 weeks that showed that the sac was that of 5 weeks and 6 days with a single embryo and no heart beat. They told me that sadly the miscarriage has already began and that the lining was shedding. I was devastated and couldn’t believe the very cruel joke that has been played, getting pregnant after 11 year of trying only for it to be taken away from me. It was sad, very sad and felt unfair. But it was something that whether or not I wanted to, I had to accept. By the time I got home from the hospital the bleeding increased and small pieces of blood clots began to fall out.

- I called my homeopath who suggested that I start taking specific homeopathy called Pulsatilla 30 C in water, just drop 2 pallets into water and take it ¼ teaspoon 4 times a day she said. The reason that she prescribed this remedy for me was because of my emotional state, I was going from crying to laughing, from being super sad to going back to normal. The constant emotional change is why she gave me that remedy, turns out that Pulsatilla does help with miscarriage, so if you are interested please look up homeopathy for miscarriage. If you decide to try any of the homeopathic remedies that I talk about here please look it up first to make sure that it's the right remedy for you. I use abchomeopathy website to look for remedies.

-I started taking it but it didn’t seem to be working because I was still sick I started taking oil of oregano which is called oreganol it’s a great flu remedy and helps with upper respiratory infections. So I took that, later to learn that oregano also causes miscarriage, since I was already having one, it seemed to assist me in moving it along.

-2 days after the hospital visit it started. I started to feel gushes of blood with huge pieces that looked like chopped liver falling out of me. The cramps were intense, but I did not take any painkillers because I don’t like pills and wanted to allow my body to give me the signals of what it wanted and needed for the process to ensue. The process went like this. I would begin to cramp a little, then the cramping intensified, then they became severe and I would feel gushes of blood which forced me to run to the bathroom and get on the toilet. I felt the urge to push and I thought to myself that this is what labor must feel like. Each time I felt something slide out with the blood. When I would look to see what it was it looked the same golf size pieces of chopped up liver type things. I collected a few of them to hopefully give to my doctor to test.

- The hospital told me that I needed to see my OBGYN within 2 days of hospital visit and that if I bled through a pad in 30 mins that I would need to come back to ER. I didn't have one and was lucky to get an appointment really fast.

- I made an appointment for Monday which was 4 days away and hoped that everything would come out by then because I was deathly afraid of getting a D & C that by that time I had learnt through the internet. I continued to bleed heavily and pass tissue, my fear was that I was bleeding too much. And here is what I want to assure many of you about. If when after you give blood you feel fine, I think that you should also be fine here. Read up online about how much blood it is okay to lose, but please note that you are going to lose quite a lot of blood, or at least it’ll seem that way to you, because you will need blood in order for all of this tissue to pass out of you. Blood from what I realized helps to “wash” it out of your system.

- On Monday I went to the doctor, by that time it was a full week after my hospital’s visit, so exactly a week after I was told that I was going to miscarry I was sitting in my doctors office, still bleeding, still passing clots. I got an ultrasound that day which showed that there still quite a lot of tissue in my body and that I did not pass everything, not even close.

I was having cramps akin to period at that time and when the doctor looked at my cervix she said that there’s still tissue stuck behind the OS. She pulled some of it out and contractions stopped. Here’s something interesting, she told me that when there are contractions it means that there is tissue stuck in the OS, the os is the opening of the uterus from what I learned later. She gave me a prescription for misoprostol (brand name: Cytotec) and ibuprofen and sent me home.

She said that I needed to put 1 tablet of misoprostol into my vagina to cause the os to relax and to cause contractions. Something that I did not do because as soon as I got home, contractions started again and a lot more tissue came out. So much so that I thought that it was over. The copious bleeding stopped and I started spotting. All that week I was spotting and passing tiny blood clots.

Sometime throughout that week I woke up itching all over my body, and broke out into hives! I didn’t know why I broke into hives and started looking online and it turned out that when you are pregnant hormones get out of wack and may cause hives, since I was miscarrying my HCG begun to drop and these changes in the body produced hives. I got super scared, but luckily because we’ve been around homeopathy so much, my husband suggested that I take Rus tox 6C or 30C dry and also at the same time put cream on my itchy spots called that contained rhus tox in it as well. After a few dozes of Rhus Tox and cream the hives began to disappear.

-Next Monday which would make it 2 weeks after my hospital visit (or 11 weeks post my last period) I went in for another ultrasound which once again showed that I still had tissue left in my uterus! After I passed huge amounts of it for 2 weeks straight, bleeding and cramping and spotting, there was still tissue left!

They said that it wasn’t a lot, and it was no longer on the walls of my uterus but it congregated near the exit OS and wouldn’t leave. The doctor checked again and again concluded that my os was blocked by the tissue which she tried to pull out. So that you understand the procedure is very uncomfortable and painful.

This time she sent me home with prescription for antibiotics Flagyl and another one that I was allergic to “just in case” to make sure that there would be no infection down there, a prescription for misoprostol this time 4 pills to insert into vagina 8 hours apart and Iboprofen for pain relief.
I got the drugs and came home very upset and contemplating whether to do this or not. First of all I did not want to take antibiotics and I did not want to put anything up my vagina. The funny thing is contractions started again and again I started to bleed and pass small blood clots.

So I thought I really didn’t need to go the misoprostol route. Instead I took to homeopathy. This time my homeopath has prescribed Gelsemium 30 C and 200C to be taken as follows: put 2 pallets in water and stir vigorously then take a teaspoon 4 times, if nothing happens go to Gelsemium 200C again the same thing 4 times. And do that for one day,

if this doesn’t help with contraction and release of tissue then move onto another very good remedy that helps to relax the Os and start contractions which is Cimifuga (it is actually black cohosh but in homeopathic form). I was going to take an herb black cohosh but was afraid of various side effects that it has.

She also suggested that I take Evening Primorse Oil tablets to also help relax the Os. And that time I was drinking herbal teas, lady mantle, red raspberry, nettle and red clover teas. A few days before my next appointment I finally mustered up the courage and stuck misoprostol up there, cramping and light bleeding ensued. Roughly for 8 hours. But nothing significant came out, which made me think that it was all probably finally over.

I did not want to take antibiotics, but after speaking to my friends, family, and a few friend doctors I decided to do one round of antibiotics Flagyl for 5 days. I did not do the full 7 days because I did not have any infection.

It was done preventantivly and after doing extensive research I found that it really wasn’t necessary to finish the whole 7 days because of various studies that were done that showed that if it’s being done preventatively there’s no reason to take such heavy dozes of antibotics. You can do your own research and see what you find because its your decision to make regarding antibiotics. Some specialists still suggest finishing it, so if you dont' have any side effects like I did (extreme dizziness) then you should probably finish whatever doze they give you.

But if you are like me and try not to take drugs, then you might want to know that in order to prevent any infection I also continued to take oil of oregano everyday, also cats claw, I took vitamin blend with vitamin C in it, continued to take my prenatal vitamins and kept taking colloidal silver, eating garlic, onions and surprising to me had an intense desire for horseradish which I never eat. I craved it so much that I ate 3 bottles of it in a week. I ate about 3 tablespoons with each meal everyday for 2 weeks straight. Turns out it's a natural antibiotic and antifungal. My body knew what it needed. So listening to your own body is very important.

-So when another week passed I went in for my 3rd ultrasound at the doctor. I was truly hoping that everything was out of my system and that I could finally resume my life. But alas, instead at the ultrasound I was told yet again that I still had tissue left in there. I was very upset not knowing what to do, to finally get it all out of me, so that I could put this very sad experience behind me, heal my womb and start trying again.

That day I came home ready to stick more misoprostol pills up there but decided to wait until morning. By the end of the day I got really, really super dizzy so much so that I thought I was going to pass out.

I came home and took Conium 30C dry 2 pallets under the tongue. The dizziness stopped but I had a very strange night, I could barely sleep, kept tossing and turning and finally woke up at 5:30 when I got up I felt something slippery between my legs when I got to the bathroom I discovered a huge piece of chopped liver type tissue pass out of me.

When I got to work the cramping got so bad that I had to leave and go home. It took me 25 minutes to get home, and when I got there, the entire pad was filled with blood, I bled through the pad, I got scared and thought to go to ER but something inside of me said that I need to trust my body, which I did. The process went on for a few more hours, with blood gushing and pieces falling out but by the afternoon everything stopped. I bled lightly for the rest of the day. Spotted a little bit the next day and passed a bit more tiny grayish like tissue, and then everything completely stopped the next day.

The process it seems is complete. I am now waiting for my HCG to drop so that I can put all of this behind me and try again. It took exactly 3 weeks from when big pieces begun to fall out until everything was cleared out of my body. I am still not sure if any of the homeopathic remedies or misoprostol, helped, or perhaps it was the miracle of my body at work. One thing’s for sure, I have a newly found respect for my body, it’s ability to go through first creating so much tissue and then releasing it when it had to be done. All intelligently, beautifully, perfectly.

What happened to me felt like a cosmic joke, but it made me appreciate my body that much more. And I found myself no longer feeling envious of women who are pregnant or have kids, because who knows what they went through to have kids, since rarely do people talk about miscarriage.

Even though this pregnancy was not successful for me, I now know that I CAN get pregnant, it is no longer something unattainable, it is within my reach, and I look at this experience as practice for when I finally do get pregnant again, and this time my body will know exactly what to do to bless us with a healthy and happy baby that we have been waiting for, for 11 years.

I hope that my story will help you to get through this. My heart goes out to you. I know how you feel. But it is something you just have to get through. Remember to focus on yourself, right now you need to give yourself time to grieve, and allow your body to get back to health.

Having a natural miscarriage is tough, but I'm glad that I went this route because it gave me a chance to let go gradually. You will get through this, I promise, and you will have that baby you're longing for. And if you find yourself unable to get out of the state of depression, I suggest that you look for a homeopathic doctor who can help you get your emotions under control.

Right now once this miscarriage is over you are going to be really fertile for 6 months, so focus on that.

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I'm sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing your story with other women! I pray that this will bless many many women! I'm praying for you and for your journey!

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