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Freaking out!

So I had 3 scans. 1 showed an embryo 2 weeks behind in growth. This was in the ER and confirmed 3 days later in my OBs office. They took blood in the ER. HCG was around 9000. Then in the office it was closer to 8000. They said this was consistent with miscarriage and told me what to expect. I waited. I spotted every day. Sometimes bright red. Mostly brown. Then 10 days later another scan showed no growth. Took blood and called in prescription for cytotec but I was too afraid to take it. Scheduled D&C for 4 days out and finally had it done on Monday. The midwife told me she was "sure" there was no viable pregnancy. Today I got my bloodwork back and my HCG was nearly 15000. Did I abort a viable pregnancy? I am losing my whole mind. Also my progesterone was at like 6.

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First off I want to say that I'm so sorry for your loss

I think that if you were spotting and they saw no growth on the scan after 10 days, I highly doubt it was viable. Mine went up to almost 50,000 one time and the baby wasn't viable. My body was just reluctant to let go. When I had bloods drawn, my baby only measured 7 weeks when it should have been measuring 11 weeks. So yes, as long as the baby is in there, your levels are going to keep going up whether it is viable or not because of the growing placenta.

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