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Mmc 12 weeks

Hi all.
So distraught , I'm 12 weeks and have had no problems at all. Started to have back pain on Sunday and some spotting Monday.. the back pain got real bad so I went to aed. They sent me for a scan...after an agonising silence of 10 minutes and all I could hear was the clicking of the mouse, assume she was taking measurements.. she turned the lights on and said " we are looking at a mmc " the "fetal pole" is that of a 6 week and there is no heart beat... that fetal pole is my baby...I'm Shocked, devastated ..I went alone Aswel... So I got sent home for conservative management....I have to go back in a week to check ... I'm bleeding but it hasn't happened yet..I have no idea what to expect x

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I am so sorry that this happened to you. Especially all alone. I hope you have somebody to support you at home because miscarriages are bloody and painful and traumatic. Make sure you have the biggest maxi pads available and hopefully some strong pain meds and a heating pad. It took over a day for me to pass everything (8 weeks along). Don't be afraid to call your doctor if you have extreme pain or bleeding. (Hugs)

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