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I have 2 kids and have my tubes tied. Which i know you can still get pregnant. Around the middle of oct i started having food cravings that i never had and didnt have a period and had instincts like i had when i was pregnant with my older kids to put my hand on my stomach without realizing it. Last week i had taken a pregnancy test and it turned out negative but later on that day i started bleeding heavier then i have ever done on a period. The blood was a brownish color not the normal blood color as well as a larger clot then i sometimes get. I had pelvis pain,and back pain. The bleeding has subsided the food cravings have stopped. I feel different its hard to explain as to why just an instint i guess. I feel lost as well as confused. Being a mother i believe in my heart that i had a miscarriage but then i think to myself that there is no way. My doctor abruptly left the clinic and hospital was through so i cant be seen until they find a replacement for him and who knows when that would be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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