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chemical pregnancy with cytotec

Hi ladies. I am experiencing my first miscarriage now. Here is my story.

I have twins via IVF that were born in 2013. Surprise miracle son born in 2015. I was on the mini pill and still nursing my third son when I got pregnant this time. My last menstrual period was September 25 but because of being on the pill and nursing I didn't think too much of my period being late. I finally took a test after 42 days of no cycle and it was positive. I was shocked, called my husband half worried that he would be upset but he was supportive! I started spotting not four hours later and that turned into bleeding. I called my OB and they wanted me to come in the next morning. I met with a nurse practitioner (not my normal one) and she couldn't figure out what was going on so she had my doctor do an ultrasound. My doctor didn't see anything except for my lining thickened which she said could be getting ready for a pregnancy. I had a quantitative beta and progesterone done and the results were 103 and 2.5. I went back in two days later to see what the numbers looked like and hcg went up to 107 and progesterone went down to below 1. All the while I am still bleeding but it's not as heavy as a normal period. I had my yearly scheduled for this last wednesday with my regular nurse and I was instructed to keep it just so they could see what was going on. So at my appointment my nurse decided not to do an exam and had me repeat my bloodworm, we were sure that the numbers would be down since I hadn't bled in 4-5 days. I was shocked to hear that my hcg went up to 145, so they wanted me to come in and discuss my options because the pregnancy was not viable since the numbers were increasing but not doubling. I was given the option to do the methotrexate shot in office or to take cytotec to flush out my uterus. I decided to take cytotec since the shot had some not so nice side effects. I took the two pills by mouth today around 3p (along with 3 advil for pain) and started bleeding within a half an hour. The bleeding was not bad and didn't even fill a regular pad. I have had some cramping since and have taken another dose of advil but the bleeding has almost completely stopped. I called my nurse practitioner and asked if that was ok since she originally told me that it would be like a bad period. She said maybe that was all it took and was generating hcg. I was concerned that I might need the shot on Monday but she said not necessarily. I am going in on monday to have bloodwork and hopefully my numbers will start to fall.

Anyone else with a similar experience? I am just to baffled by this. I finally felt like I had gotten over infertility after having our surprise baby two years ago and now this has brought up a lot of feelings and emotion.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. While I can’t relate to your specific situation, I can relate to the feelings of losing a baby and the want to fill the void. The not knowing is maddening.

Take care.

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I'm so sorry for your loss

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