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Miscarriage after thermal ablation

Three months ago I shockingly discovered that I was pregnant. Until I took a test, I thought I was pre-menopausal because over two years ago I had uterine thermal ablation to stop ridiculously heavy periods.

Due to my age (43) and the high-risk pregnancy, I was having blood work and ultrasounds every week. The HCG levels were always rising, but at 6 weeks everything inside stopped growing.

My doctor has advised against a D&C because my insides are already scarred from the ablation and he recommends that I wait for a natural miscarriage. The HCG levels are finally going down, but I have waited 5 weeks with cramping and just a little bleeding, but no complete miscarriage.

Has anyone ever waited this long and had a successful complete miscarriage? How long is TOO long to wait for a natural passing?

Emotionally, I am now ok. There were many potential risks to my health and baby's IF the pregnancy continued. I'm glad that nature took its course and I did not need to make difficult decisions. However, the waiting is taking it's toll. I feel like a walking time bomb and have put my life "on hold" just in case the miscarriage will happen.

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I'm so sorry for your loss

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I'm so sorry for your loss. My OB told me about a patient who took 8 weeks to miscarry naturally. He had her come in regularly to check on her, but they let it happen naturally. Has your doctor talked to you about other medical management? There is a pill you can take, I believe.

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