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when will my pg symptoms go away ?

I was 13w3d when I went in for my normal midwife appt (8/11/2017). Found no heartbeat, was scheduled an emergency U/S. Did Tummy & Vag scan, told I had miscarried at 7weeks and my body had not expelled.
I began expelling tissue and blood clots the very next day and continued for about 10days. Was my first pregnancy, and was told my m/c would be like a period. But boy, was it 100x worse. I cried during every contraction as my body expelled blood and tissue. its now been 2.5weeks since I went thru all that.
Anyway, I just have a few questions that I cant seem to find any answers too anywhere:

a) when will my areolas go back to normal? Their still large and dark.
b) when will the fatigue disappear?
c) how long will my body be out of whack for hormonally?

In the back of my mind I feel slightly pregnant (early) like a new pregnancy but that might be a figment of my imagination, so I'm hoping for some time frames from you whom have lived this experiences so I have a fair idea of when these will settle down. My appetite has also increased (like it did when I first become pregnant) and I'm peeing more frequently, but I'm wondering if that's a side affect of needing to replenish myself again.

any idea's?

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Hmm, I was lucky in that I didn't have many symptoms, but after my D&C it took 4 weeks for my pregnancy tests to turn negative and 5 weeks for AF to return so I know there was still plenty of HCG in my system for a while. I can't help much with the other questions, but I know I didn't feel normal again until after my first period had come and gone.

I hope your body settles down quickly!

As for a new pregnancy, it's possible, but I know a lot of women who wondered if they were pregnant again right away (myself included) and it turned out just to be leftover HCG messing with us, whether through positive tests or symptoms.

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I had a mmc at 14 weeks (baby had died at 11+6) in January. I seem to remember that I thought I was back to normal pretty quickly, like by the time I got my first period (roughly 6 weeks later), but looking back now the month I conceived again was the first month when my body actually did what it was supposed to.

I hope it all settles down quickly for you.

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