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I had a d&c at 11 weeks for a mmc, so it's slightly different probably from an early mc and also from a natural one. Bleeding lasted about a week. The heaviest and worst was actually on day 6 after (my first day back at work, not sure if that was because I tried to do too much or because that was just it running its course). Day 7 was mostly just spotting and it tapered off after that and I felt fine again (physically).

For me, everything went back to normal straight away. I ovulated 14 days after the d&c and first AF came on day 28 just like a normal cycle. I got pregnant again that next cycle after that and it's all been very straightforward and smooth sailing this time (I'm now 31 weeks, 3rd pregnancy, 2nd baby with the mc in between, I'm also 37 so not a spring chicken). So it is possible to recover quickly and conceive pretty much straight away if you feel ready. I didn't feel ready that first month at all though so give yourself time to heal and get back into a good place.

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thank you for your response. I'm sorry that you've lost pregnancies as well, but knowing it didn't delay your cycles is good. I'm CD 18 today if I could my first day of bleeding as CD1, and it seems like my body is doing what it normally would otherwise. I don't track temp, but CM went fertile on the days it would have if it were just a period. We went back immediately to trying as soon as my fertile window started, and though I'm nervous and having bouts of being almost scared to get a BFP, I'm still extremely happy that my body seems to be acting normally, and that we *could* (if we are truly, truly lucky) get another positive as early as a couple of weeks.

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