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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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All testing results = normal

Hi all.

I have had 6 miscarriages. First 3 were natural. 1 ectopic and 2 that needed a D&C and one that needed medical management. Tissue was tested on the D&C and result was there was not enough DNA present. I habe had all the testing on the NHS available and all fine. Had uterine NK cells tested normal and just had our results from chromosome blood test and normal.

Last 3 pregnancies I have been on clexane, prednisone and progesterone.

Why does this keep happening!!

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HI Cathgibbs,

I'm so sorry for your losses and what your are going through. It's so heartbreaking when all you want is a reason and there is not even one to explain why the heartbreak of loss happens time and time again. I understand the heart wrenching pain and I empathize.

You and your partner are in my thoughts and prayers

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