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And so we're here...

Just wanted to pop my story down somewhere.

I'd gone for an early scan when my dates would have been 7+3 (I was firm on my dates cuz I'd been tracking everything). I'd requested the early scan because I'd had spotting with both my other two pregnancies (two healthy boys). I had spotting start exactly at 7w. Went in for the scan, saw bub little heart flicker about 108 and measuring 6+5. This immediately worried me as I knew the dates but was relieved to see heartbeat and thought, ok maybe just request to repeat in a week or so. Small SCH was diagnosed so that explained the bleeding but I booked in for about 9 days later, had to go somewhere completely different because no where does weekends. As soon as the technician found the sack I knew. I couldn't see that flicker and she measured 6+6. Obviously she checked some more, called in the Dr and triple checked.

Waiting to see my Dr tomorrow and what to do from there. As awful as it sounds, I'm keen to just get things sorted and move on. Definitely wanting to try again asap although I'll be super scared. I've had no cramping or anything of yet, and of course the SCH spotting has completely gone.

You know how you think back and you just sorta know things are too good to be true? I have always had it in my mind about how my mum had a miscarriage before she had her last baby (me), my sister had one before she had her last baby, and found out that my maternal grandmother also had a loss before her last baby. So that tradition / curse seems to have followed onto me.

I'm definitely counting the blessings I do have and am lucky enough to be able to have a couple of weeks off work at the moment to get through all of this.

Thanks for reading, although I wish I didn't have to write it.

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I'm so sorry for your loss

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I am so sorry for your loss

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I'm so sorry for your loss I understand you wanting to move on as quickly as you can, I hope it doesn't take too long. Look after yourself xx

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