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Blighted Ovum- misoprostol/cytotec help

Hey ladies,

So at 8 weeks I was diagnosed with a blighted Ovum. I was taking progesterone so I stopped and was told to come back in two weeks if I hadn't miscarried yet. They did an ultrasound and nothing had changed so I was told I could eitger: wait longer, take medication or do a D&C. I didn't want to wait and I don't want to do a D&C unless it's absolutely necessary so I opted for medicine. My doc prescribed Misoprostol/cytotec, 4 pills that I would take vaginally all at once. She told me I would need to be horizontal after taking them so she suggested I take them before bed.

I ended up taking them at 8pm so that hopefully it would get started before I went to bed. Unfortunately pain didn't kick in until 11, at which point I took the Vicodin I was prescribed. By 1:30am the pain reached it's peak and the Vicodin wasn't really helping. At 2:30am I went to the bathroom and the bleeding finally started. Some blood came out and after pushing a bit, achunk of tissue came out. It was maybe the size of two quarters, and was greyish and spongey; it reminded me of a placenta. For some reason, I almost blacked out at this point but after this point I had barely any blood come out and no more tissue. My pain got better too.

Anyway, I'm worried now because I feel like there's no way I passed everything. I didn't even fill a pad outside of some specks of blood. I'm curious about any one else's experience with taking this? From what I read, everyone said they bled a ton and passed a lot of tissue but I didn't do much of either so that's why I'm worried. I'm supposed to get an ultrasound tomorrow to see if I did or not but I'm not happy about the prospect of doing that over again

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