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Dr. says I "wasn't really pregnant"

Hi ladies,

I'm sorry for anyone else going through this right now, or ever.

My husband and I were surprised on Feb. 25th to learn that I was pregnant, but my tests seemed faint and I was sent for bloodwork. HCG at 14dpo was 127, 20dpo was 771 and then yesterday at 27dpo had dropped to 337

I received my results this morning online and then called my doctor to discuss. He said that I was never really pregnant...that it was likely just an empty sac. His words felt awful, and I just don't know what to think or expect. I asked if another round of bloodwork or an ultrasound could be done, but he said it wasn't needed. When I asked what sort of timeframe for miscarrying I should expect, he said there is no timeframe and it could be weeks, but will just be a heavy period. Again, that just didn't sound right to me. Will I see anything besides blood? I'm trying to mentally prepare, but I'm feeling so emotional right now, and very nervous. If I'm at work or alone with my kids, I just don't know what to do. I currently have some sharp cramps on my right side, but was told I only needed to call back if I had a fever or severe pain. What a lonely feeling this all is

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You were pregnant hun and sounds like a chemical pregnancy, ignore the stupid doctor sounds like he has his head stuck in a textbook. I had a similair experience , got 6bfp's on all different brand tests but a week later started bleeding (21dpo) went to a+e coz i was cramping and bleeding quite badly. Doctor done blood test. Came over said your 'not pregnant' and looked at me like a crazy person when i said id had bfp's, he just didnt care. You will get bleeding and cramps hun and it will feel like a heavy period. Good luck for the future x

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Doctors can be incredibly insensitive at times. I encountered similar experiences with hospital staff during my first loss, very much made to feel like it was nothing special and happened everyday. You are/were pregnant and it isn't as simple for us as saying it wasn't a baby yet, because to you it absolutely is. A pregnancy also represents all our hopes and dreams for the future. I guess what I'm trying to say (but may be not very well) is that it's okay to be emotional and upset despite what your doctor said. Allow yourself to grieve and feel all the feelings.

I don't have experience of your kind of loss so I can't offer advice there, sorry.

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What an awful thing for your Dr to say so incredibly unnecessary sorry you had to go through that
I had a chemical pregnancy my 1st pregnancy (hate that term!) and DH and I took it hard you suddenly lose all your hopes and dreams for that little life no matter how long you were pregnant (which you were) they will always be your baby

It was just like a heavy period lots of blood, some clots and cramping

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What a horrid insensitive doctor

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I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You were pregnant, which is obvious by the hcg count.

I’d try to find another doctor before you ttc again... waaaay too insensitive for such a heartbreaking time. I’m sorry, but if you can’t be supportive during a loss, you don’t deserve to celebrate a sticky bean.

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