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Am I having an early miscarriage?

So I had my baby back in January. I had my oldest son in January 2017.

I got a random yeast infection around 2 weeks ago. Also been nauseous daily, getting headaches, and have had two full blown migraines. Been very drained as well as getting emotional over things I don't normally cry over- unless I'm pregnant.

Took a pregnancy test three days ago and the control line didn't even show. I forgot about it and went back 2 hours later and it said positive (but I know that after it sits you aren't supposed to read it). The next day took a digital test this time it said 'not pregnant.' That day I started to bleed- my period I assume.

I still feel so off and icky.

I go to the obgyn Wednesday.

Of course I have been googling like mad- which hasn't really helped any. Some women say they got negative pregnancy tests and even got their period up until they were well into their first trimester. How common is that even?

Since I spent the last 2 years pregnant i am pretty familiar with how I feel when preggo...and I feel exactly like how I felt before I found out I was pregnant with my boys.

Anyone got any advice? I am suspecting that I am having an early miscarriage...but I still don't know. I have two wonderful boys aged 15 months and 3 months so while we wanted a third maybe it's better that I didn't push my body into another pregnancy. Really I just want answers. I hope my obgyn is able to shine some light onto the issue.

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Maybe try another test with fmu, not a digital as maybe your hcg hasnít built up enough. The symptoms do sound very promising. Good luck!

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