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Missed miscarriage at 12 weeks... devastated

Hi everyone. Never thought I'd be here, but here I am. 😞

I'm 21 and up until today thought I was 11+6 weeks pregnant with my first child. Everything seemed fine until Sunday, when I stood up from the sofa and had a gush of bright red blood. This slowed down and turned into brown spotting within a few minutes.

I called my local EPU and arranged a scan for this morning. I felt somewhat hopeful going into it as the bleeding had stopped. However, we were devastated to discover that baby had stopped developing several weeks ago and we had no idea. sad I still feel pregnant now 😭

I just feel so numb right now. I'm booked in to have a ERPC tomorrow. What does the procedure involve? What is the recovery like?

I'm feeling so exhausted and numb right now. 😞

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Iím so sorry for your loss. Iíve had two miscarriages, one natural and the last one I was 10 weeks and required surgery. I had a d&c, not an erpc so I can only speak about my experience. I had bleeding and pain for about 3 days and was able to resume normal physical activities at that time. However, there was no intimacy until after my 2 weeks post op appt. I noticed my symptoms decreased soon after the procedure and I donít have any after the first week. Then I got my period about 4.5 weeks after the procedure. The hardest part for me was sifting through my emotions and just making it one day at a time. Give yourself time to grieve. If youíre able to find someone to talk to or a pregnancy loss support group Iíd recommend it. Again, Iím so sorry for your loss.

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I am so sorry! I have had both a missed miscarriage and also a blighted ovum at 12 weeks so can imagine how confused and probably mad your feeling right now
Iíve never had the ERPC, but I was advised it was a faster recovery than natural and much less bleeding afterwards - if that helps.

Give yourself time to heal, both physically and mentally.

Again, Iím so sorry for your loss xx

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I'm so so sorry for your loss. I have been there too. It is heartbreaking... grieving with you...Hoping you have lots of loved ones and support to talk to and cry with you? Call them anytime, night or day. It is good to share your heart. Please let us know if you don't have anyone to talk to, okay? I'm unfamiliar with that procedure too but maybe you can call the doctor and ask to speak the him/her or their nurse for more information? I know it isn't easy to hear right now but it does get better and you are definitely not alone... will be thinking of you so much and wishing you the very best!

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A few years ago,I had what I thought was a totally normal pregnancy but found out at 10 weeks that the baby never developed. I didn't have any bleeding until over 11 weeks and finally had a D&C at 12 weeks. Other than being emotionally difficult, the procedure itself was super mild. I had very little pain or bleeding afterwards.

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