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I'm don't want to get pregnant again

I miscarriage almost a month ago. Literally just had my last day of spotting a few days ago. During the miscarriage and soon after, I just wanted to be pregnant again. But now that it's all over I'm afraid to be pregnant again and feel like I don't want to be pregnant again. I feel bad saying that since the baby we lost was very much wanted. I guess I'm just surprised by these feelings. Anyone else feel this way?

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I'm with you 100%. It's not another pregnancy you don't want - it's another loss you don't want. I had a healthy baby boy in 2013. A miscarriage in 2014 at 8 weeks. And I was just told yesterday that my baby has no heartbeat, again I'm 8 weeks. It took three and a half years for me to get pregnant again and when I found out I was consumed by fear instead of happiness. And just as I feared; here it is. The worst hasn't even happened yet, but I already feel like I can't do this again. It's too hard.

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I am with you girls! Just had my 5 miscarriage, had d&c Tuesday and I am petrified of everything that is pregnancy and babies now. I have 3 boys but with everything that has happened now I just feel I have to give up on my dream if having 4 children. I know I am lucky right but these losses have really knocked me now. I should have been just over 9 weeks now so approaching 12 weeks. Baby just wasn't growing well and eventually heart stopped. I had known for about 3 weeks that baby wasn't going to make it so it has been horrendous waiting game for heart to stop. I had to for my sanity have a d&c to get closure and I am so glad I did. Hardly no pain no bleeding and starting to feel less sick everyday. Really hope you girls can get comfort in knowing you aren't alone and I am right behind you in hoping and praying that you will have your rainbow babies very very soon. I am not sure I can try again or even think about it right now.

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After having a miscarriage at 11 weeks, I was devastated and lost. My friends and family around me were all having babies and couldn't relate. At the time it would have been so nice to be able to talk to someone who understands what its like to go through this. One of the worst parts is suffering through all the symptoms and getting nothing out of it. I can understand not wanting to feel that pain again, had another failed pregnancy at 9 weeks 5 months after that one. Pregnant again now almost 2 years later and it's awful not knowing if your baby will make it this time.

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