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How LONG does it take Missed Miscar to Pass?

It seems it takes Missed Miscarriages longer to pass.
With VERY LIGHT bright red spotting I ran to the hospital in fear (because my last pregnancy was a miscarriage). I was 8w5d, the dubbed it "no heartbeat" and my paperwork reads "7w1d, deformed gestational sac."

So now, I'd be 9w2d and very occasional dark blood spotting, which is more like smudges or smearing than spotting. It's just barely coming along. I have no pains at all. And nothing is happening.

I'd read online a woman carryied a passed baby inside for 5 weeks!!!!! At what point is it dangerous? How long has it taken other moms?

With my last (only other) miscarriage, I started bleeding that morning and everything was out within 48 hours. So I"m not understanding this. It's hard and I just wish it would start moving along because it's scaring me. I don't want to need a D&C.

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I recently experienced the same thing

I had bright red spotting with no cramping at all for 9 days. On the night of the 9th day I drank several glasses of raspberry leaf tea as my midwife said it could help progress things. That night I started the main bleeding and cramping. It lasted all night then the next day it seemed done but later in the day more bleeding​ and cramping off and on. Two days later I passed the sac and baby. I was 10w when the spotting started. The waiting was torture.

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I went for 12 week scan and our baby was the size of 5-6 week wirh no hb... i started to bleed a week later and it took another week until i passed the baby....
I ended up wirh a d&c aswel due to retained tissue..
Keep strong x

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With both of my mc, which the 2nd was a mmc, it took 2 to 3 days after the bright red spotting for the cramping to kick in. Its probably comming soon if it hasn't happened already.
I'm so sorry you have to go through that. I'm thinking of you and praying it happens fast and not to painfully..

As for the d&c don't be afraid of it. I was so happy to have it finally all be over with. Yeah its probably better to mc naturally but i have to say getting the d&c was so much better than suffering for days without knowing when it would end

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After having experienced 5 miscarriage now, only just had one this week. I would much prefer d&c/ erpc over natural miscarriage every time. I have done it both ways and the waiting around can be ridiculous and then there's the pain and bleeding, yuk. Had erpc and hardly no pain or bleeding it has been straight forward and this is my 2nd procedure. Anyway I always think by about 10/ 11 weeks all should happen as the pregnancy hormones would normally be taken over by developing placenta but not in case in miscarriage.

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