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The things we think to ourselves

I have recently been reading through the "what not to say" thread and it got me thinking. Not about the things that others have said to be but about the things I say to myself. Stuff like "i miss my baby" and then "how can you miss someone you never met"
I really miss being pregnant
I wish this didn't happen
I want my baby back

I nick named the baby Walker Texas Ranger when i was pregnant. When people would ask what i was going to name it i would say if it's a boy Walker Texas Ranger and if it's a girl Walker Texas Ranger.
Even if i get pregnant again it won't be Walker Texas Ranger...

I feel like saying (or typing) those things and getting them out is helpful. I want to knew others thoughts. Do you all think stuff like i do? I don't really blame myself but I'll always wonder if there was something I could've done differently.

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