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The things we think to ourselves

I have recently been reading through the "what not to say" thread and it got me thinking. Not about the things that others have said to be but about the things I say to myself. Stuff like "i miss my baby" and then "how can you miss someone you never met"
I really miss being pregnant
I wish this didn't happen
I want my baby back

I nick named the baby Walker Texas Ranger when i was pregnant. When people would ask what i was going to name it i would say if it's a boy Walker Texas Ranger and if it's a girl Walker Texas Ranger.
Even if i get pregnant again it won't be Walker Texas Ranger...

I feel like saying (or typing) those things and getting them out is helpful. I want to knew others thoughts. Do you all think stuff like i do? I don't really blame myself but I'll always wonder if there was something I could've done differently.

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Absolutely. Iím three years out from my miscarriage, yet I still have these thoughts. I bought a baby bedding set when I first found out I was pregnant because I really liked it (I wonít ever do that again) and itís still in my upstairs closet. If I ever am blessed with another baby, I think about how I should use this set, but part of me thinks thatís weird. Then I think about giving it away, but I just canít bring myself to do it. So itís still upstairs, just sitting there. Iíve felt like Iíve been in limbo for the past three years.

Iím so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing because I can relate. Itís not easy. Even now, I feel sad about the should have beens.

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