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Maybe this is a stupid question

I had a d&c 17 days ago. I had a post op follow up with my ob and he said everything looked good. This is my 2nd miscarriage. Last time it was a natural mc,and my Dr had me go in to get my hcg checked afterwards. This time they didn't do that at my ob office. My gp Dr was my ob last time but she doesn't deliver babies anymore. I am just wondering if i should make an apt with my regular Dr or at least call them and tell them about the d&c?

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You can always do an hpt. If there are two lines, you can keep doing hpts (I recommend using cheapies if you do this as it can start to get expensive otherwise) to see if the lines get lighter or you can call the dr and see if they'll order up betas to track your levels dropping. I do hpts because they are alot cheaper than the betas and I can test anytime I want but they aren't as accurate so if you want to be absolutely sure, then call.

And I can't speak for everyone who has ever had a D&C but the one time I had to have one, I had a negative hpt 9 days after.

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Nothing is ever a silly question

I had my levels tested after MC but my first was ectopic and my bloods raised after the op so I was high risk.

Testing is a good way to check yourself. Depending on how high your numbers will depend on how long the hCG levels decrease.

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