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TMI info need advice

On July 9th i went into the er because i was bleeding. They did a vaginal ultrasound measured the sac but couldnt detect a heartbeat yet. They diagnosed me with threatened miscarriage. On July 11th i passed clots and some tissue. I thought it was the baby but seemed a bit big just for being 6+0. A few days ago being 2 weeks after, i bled a lot no pain just gooshing blood and clots for about an hour and Bleeding had stopped. Figured i was healed and dbd with dh. Afterwards the bleeding started again. I miscarried my first pregnancy not even knowing i was pregnant. Its a tough time right now because We're moving so cant see a dr til we settle. Should i go to the er? I started morning sickness again this entire week. Now i feel like did i even miscarry? So stressed out.

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I would go to the hospital and check. when i started my miscarriage it started Saturday afternoon and i had passed my baby 2-3 hours later in that same day. plus i had what seemed like contractions before i lost my baby. i was told if i was to start bleeding or cramping to go to the hospital. So i would to be on the safe side. they may want to do an ultrasound and blood work.

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