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i think im miscarrying, help???

so I'm 6-7 weeks pregnant, but 2 & a half months ago I had a miscarriage but I want a baby so we tried again. the last miscarriage, I didn't experience any bleeding or camping but I had a pain in my left lower back that felt like a ball. when I went to an ultrasound at the time I thought I was 9weeks but turns out, my baby stopped growing at 6. it was the worst feeling. and now I'm afraid it's happening again. a few days ago my symptoms stopped (feeling nausea, cravings, peeing a lot& certain smells don't bug me as much) I had errands to do today in this hot sun, an starting experiencing a little bit of cramping and the same back pain on the lower left side which comes and goes through out the day... I have an ultrasound on the 24th of this month but I'm scared to wait that long again. I need help?... should I go into the ER tonight ?.....

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I would go to be on the safe side. Hope all will be well

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