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Confused Miscarriage

My emotions are everywhere.

I went in this morning for my “10 week 1st US”
The tech advised me she seen debris and from what she could see i had lost the baby around 7 1/2 weeks and my body had absorbed it. The doctor called about 4 hours later and acted like nothing was wrong. She said No heartbeat but they could not rule it a miscarriage because my crown rump was only measuring 5mm which was suggesting i may only be 6 weeks and you cant hear a heartbeat until atleast 7mm. My gestational sac is measuring 8 weeks. And according to my last period i should be 10weeks. I told her what the tech had told me and she said “well thats her job everyday so shes probably right”

I am devastated and just don’t even know what do right now. I cant get my hcg rechecked until Monday.

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So sorry for what you are going through. Some medical professionals have the most appalling bedside manor.

Not much in the way of advice here, I have just had a loss but it went differently as there was a heartbeat and then it was gone so no questions. I too was shocked by how some people treated me though, felt like my baby only mattered to me.

Open to questions if you have any.. Just wanted to offer some sort of support.

Thinking of you, hope you find some way to make it through the weekend and get some answers next week.

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I'm so sorry I hope you get some answers today

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