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Had a loss and trying to figure out how to cope

I have miscarried twins. I was pregnant with twins, i was 11 weeks along. At first they said one didnt make it, so intried to stay strong for the other baby didnt grieve or anything, and then two weeks later there was no heartbeat for the other one. I expelled the babies naturally last Friday. I have been feeling really sick, unable to sleep, and very sad. I havent been able to function and go back to work. I am in so much pain emotionally. I still have cramps and my doctor said it should stop in 2 weeks, im also started to experience diarrhea. Anybody else experience diarrhea after miscarriage? How long did you grieve after a miscarriage?

We werent trying to get pregnant, but once i saw the heart beat and found out i was pregnant that was it i was attached. When we got pregnant with my daughter we had tried for 2 years , but this tine we werent trying. I feel like was it my fault because we werrent trying it wasnt planned. I cant understand why i cant shake it off. Its so hard.

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Oh I just want to give you a hug. This is such a hard thing to go through and u can't imagine the pain of losing one baby and then another in such a short space of time.

I have just recently lost a baby too, passed everything a week and a half ago. Still cramping and having the odd bleed here and there. Makes it so much harder having a constant reminder. I have also had diarrhea since until s few days ago. Not sure if it was related or not.

I'm sorry you feel it was your fault, it wasn't. Telling you that won't make you feel any different most likely. Sometimes our emotions and grief make us believe things even when our logical brain is telling us something different.

I think everyone deals with loss so differently. I don't feel like I will ever get over this but I can see I will be able to move on somehow. Time will help to heal but your loss was a great one and your pain is real.

I'm sorry I'm rambling. My head is still trying to make sense of this all too.

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