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Originally Posted by JASMAK View Post
Well, if it starts up again that bad....I would just go in to the ER and have them see with their own eyes. Sometimes I get the feeling that DR's just think we make it up in our heads. I became anemic, so if you aren't feeling stronger soon, I would get that checked too, since you bleed so much. Sorry for your loss. I have been there three times. I see you are TTC #3. I had three m/c before I finally kept this one (I am almost 15 weeks). It was a very hard four years to get to here, but I just wanted to say, don't lose hope. I still miss my babies in heaven though. That's why I come here still. I will never forget my babies, and I will never forget the pain of losing a baby.

I was actually anemic prior to the pregnancy, so I'm sure that may be playing a role. Literally, walking to the bathroom is making me tired. My hubby told me I should go to bed and rest...

Good luck on your pregnancy. You are certainly a strong person to go through this 3 times...I honestly am having a hard time dealing with just one.

I'll try not to lose hope...and I pray this doesn't happen with the next pregnancy for me. (We're waiting one period before trying again...dr's recommendation). Its just hard that we came home from our honeymoon, finally ready to tell our parents..and then this. My doctor said that it most likely will not happen again (the other boys are ours together, so she said we make "good babies"), but I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to relax if I get preggo again.

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