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My Story 3 M/C

Good afternoon ladies,

Sadly I am joining you from the first trimester board.

My Story

Diagnosed with PCOS about 15 years ago.

2 previous M/C with a previous partner 10 years ago, both early losses around 6/7 weeks both started with bleeding.

Met my current ( and final lol) partner just over 7 years ago and we have actively bee TTC for nearly 5 years. Had what I believe was a chemical pregnancy about 6 months into our journey.

Was referred to local fertility dept and had investigations, tried 6 months of clomid and was told to lose weight.

Anyway managed to lose 3 stone and was just about to embark on another 3 months of clomid when we had a surprise BFP on the 7th Feb.

Sadly after a second early scan I have been told the gestational sac and yol sac were correct for my dates (7+2) but the fetal pole only measured 2mm ( 6 weeks). The sonographer basically said its not looking good and made an appointment for a follow up scan next week.

Anyway yesterday when I arrived home I had some brown cm on wiping and then some more today.

I have had sharper cramps today and just now on wiping there is blood.
I feel sad and emotionally but I am thankful it looks as though I will M/C naturally.

Just wanted to share my story, DH is upset but luckily we are very close and talk and talk, he is more worried about me I think.
I am just not looking forward to the pain, my pain threshold just isn't what it was years ago.

I have phoned EPAC and they have said to come in if the bleeding gets very heavy or I am in a lot of pain.

What I also wanted to ask is will they just blame the PCOS or can I ask for some sort of testing to see what the problem may be?
This has also made me more determined to lose a bit more weight and I also have the three months of Clomid that I can start once this is all over and AF returns.
Thank you for listening

Wendy x

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Hi so sorry for your losses...its such a horrible thing for any women to go through.
Didn't want to read and run but i dont know much about PCOS so not sure if they will test or put it down to it. Hopefully some women on the forum may know and let you know.
Anyway sending you hugs at this sad time and hope you and your OH will support each other at this time

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Hi hun so sorry u may be goin threw this again I do not have psoc but I do have many cysts on them but before they decided it wasn't psoc I asked if psoc cud be the cause of my 4 mcs but gynae told me it is highly unlikely as psoc usually causes prob with conception but not normally mcs hopefully they will give u follo up tests as they did me and I have a protein s defiecincy and took baby asprin from 7 weeks to 14weeks and am now 22wks pregnant with a healthy baby boy good luck to u hun xx

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im sorry for your losses. generally pcos interfers with conception rather than pregnancy however it does increase your risk of miscarriage. i have pcos and I have had 5 miscarriages in the last 30 months. However I am now 14 weeks pregnant so it can and does happen. Oh and yes, they will still test you for other causes as pcos shouldn't really result in recurrent losses

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Good morning Ladies,

Just wanted to ask what I should be looking out for, although I have had 2 M/C before they were 10 years ago and I started to bleed red straight away.

This time I am just having brown tinged with pink cm on wiping.

I just want to start to bleed properly and kind of get it over with. I have a feeling I have had a blighted ovum and may need a medical procedure which is what i wanted to avoid.

I am also having some cramping but it feels like AF is on her way and isnt particularly painful.. Is this just the calm before the storm?

I did phone EPAC and they advised to take paracetamol for the pain and monitor the blood loss etc. I also still have to go back for a scan next Tuesday.

Any advice?

Wendy x

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