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Old May 29th, 2008, 03:58 AM   11
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I know you have read my post so probably know that my LO stopped growing at 6 weeks and it wasn't until 10 weeks that i found out when i started cramping and bleeding. I couldn't imagine having to wait like you are, I know that the hopsitals prefer not to do a DNC unless they have to because there is a small risk of scarring (very small), go back and talk to them, i think that they get so used to dealing with women who have miscarried that they forget about the emotional termoil that we have to go through.
I am thinking about you.
PM me if you want to chat.

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Old May 29th, 2008, 04:14 AM   12
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Hi there, So sorry to hear about your loss.

I know you've had lots of responses but thought I'd post mine too. I had a missed m/c, diagnosed at 10 wks, bub stopped growing at 8 wks

Because I hadn't naturally m/c at 8 weeks, the NHS in STaffordshire decided they would do a D and C and was booked in for 2 days time. I must admit that I just wanted everything out, it felt wrong and those two days were hell.

I 'can' understand the medical view as it's so much better for our bodies to m/c naturually and in 'theory'......

Does your history of brain haemorrage put you at risk during surgery? Thinking of the general anesthetic.

Maybe, if you can, decide on a time scale for YOU, that you feel you can 'wait and see' and then after that request a D and C. Perhaps your own GP will be more sympathetic and speak to the hospital on your behalf.

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Old May 29th, 2008, 06:17 AM   13
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Hi everyone. Thanks for all your kind posts. I am so sorry to hear about all your losses too. This is about the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. It helps to know that those of you who are a few weeks further on than me are feeling life is a little easier. One minute I think I feel better, and the next I'm crying. So many different feelings going through me I don't know where to begin.
Just to let you all know though: I actually just started bleeding about an hour ago. There is a weird sense of relief. All these months I've been dreading AF and bleeding, and now I am relieved, as I know the sooner it is all out of me, the better.
I read in my herbal remedy book that parsley and ginger tea can bring on an overdue period and thought I'd give it a go, and either that or mother nature has done the trick. I'm just hoping that it's not going to be too painful, and that I can deal with what I have to see coming out.
On the up side I'm feeling positive as I know that I might ovulate as early as two weeks time, so if I'm feeling healed enough emotionally, can start ttc again.
Niki xxxx

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Old May 29th, 2008, 06:50 AM   14
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Hi Niki,

Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Best of luck for future TTC when you are ready.


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Old May 30th, 2008, 07:16 AM   15
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So sorry for your loss,I too had a missed mc back in April I found out at my 12 week scan that my baby had died at 9wk 6days. My hospital gave me a D & C the next day as i just wanted it to be over as quickly as poss as I felt just as you are.If you feel you are ready for a D&C I would go back and try to request one. I did find that this helped my body get back to normal getting my period on day 29 since operation. Unless a person has been unfortunate to go through this they dont understand what it feels like, people try and be supportive but its our bodies. You take as much time as you need and talk about it as much as you need to, I found this site and other peoples understanding very helpful. I am thinking of trying again but finding it rather scary at the moment.
Take care

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Old May 11th, 2009, 20:52 PM   16
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So sorry to hear, i hope you know soon.
I just found out a week ago today that My baby has no heartbeat I'm supposed to be 11 weeks pregnant tomorrow and according to the ultrasound I had done last week My husband and I lost our baby at 8 weeks. I still don't want to belive that we have lost our baby, It's still in there and i'm still not bleeding . I want the doctors to be wrong in everyway but deep down i know my baby is with the good lord! I still cry off and on, though our 19 month old son helps us get through it, it's hard for both my husband and I . I hope the best for you I know how hard it is . no woman should ever have to go through it. SO SORRY !!! my husband and I will pray for your baby I hope the best for you.!!

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Old May 12th, 2009, 00:10 AM   17
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This thread was from last year. Niki is now in her 3rd trimester with another pregnancy (good news and hope for you).

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Old May 12th, 2009, 04:22 AM   18
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im so sorry to hear what you are going through. I had a missed miscarriage 5 weeks ago at 8 weeks. my symptoms suddenly dissapeared and i instantly knew something was wrong. I went for an early scan and as expected there was no heartbeat but my HCG levels were still very high (28,000) so the consultant said it could take a long while for things to happen naturally.

with this i requested a d&c... which im now glad i did as i dont think i could have coped with it all happening before my own eyes.


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Old Jul 2nd, 2009, 05:13 AM   19
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I was told yesterday after having some bleeding and then having a scan at hospital that I was having a miscarriage!

I have a 3yr old little girl and was so happy to find out I was pregnant again and then to have it taken away from me after only 6wks is horrible and words can't describe how I'm feeling!

I wondered if anyone can tell me how long the bleeding goes on for and the horrible pains/cramps?


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Old Jul 2nd, 2009, 11:49 AM   20
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I also had a mmc in feb went for dating scan to be told sac was only 6 weeks told to go home and wait for 2 weeks that felt like a lifetime how they can make you wait up to 6 weeks awful. When i went back the sac was still empty so i was offered the tablets, D and C or to go home and wait i had a D and C Sorry about your loss

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