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TTC Again
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Posts: 430 here with a question about HCG and Corpus Luteum after D&C

Hi, I recently had a D&C (4 weeks ago). I would have been 8w2d, but little one stopped growing at 6w2d. We heard the heart beat at 6 and 7 weeks, but nothing at 8 weeks. This was our third M/C in a row (July '10, September '10 and now December '10). We are blessed to have a 2 1/2 year old son, who is healthy and perfect in every way. We conceived him with no issues, and he was born naturally. Not sure what is up with my body now that is causing me to not be able to hold on to a pregnancy.

Anyhow, so the questions - it's been 30 days since my D&C. During my RE office visit (22 days after D&C), I tested positive on their HPT. Also, they did an ultrasound and saw that I still have a Corpus Luteum cyst on my ovary. Wondering if ANYONE knows how long it can take after D&C for corpus luteum to go away?

Of course there is a part of me hoping this may be another pregnancy, but I highly doubt that. Not even sure if it's possible. 22 days after D&C would probably be way too early for a new pregnancy to be detected. My doctor gave me a script for an HCG beta to have drawn next week, so I guess that will tell us more. I took a couple of OPKs I had in the house and both came back + this week (one on Monday, one today). Hmmmm.... residual HCG from miscarriage or a new pregancy? Dumb wishful thinking!

Anyhow, sorry for everyone else here's loss(es). It's very difficult and good to know that none of us is alone in this journey!

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Awww hun i'm so sorry for your losses i'm sorry but i'm no help as i haven't had a D&C but i didn't want to read and run

Hope someone can help you

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Sorry for your loss. A real late reply... I had mmc and had a D&C at 8w3d. I kept temping every morning and found that it dropped exactly one week after the D&C. So I think this means my corpus luteum survived for about one week after the procedure. It has been 20 days since then and I find that my temps are erratic. I am using BCP so I am sure I am not ovulating. I hope we both get back to normal soon.

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They didn't check my CL after my D&C, but I got my period back almost weeks to the day after, so I think things must have progressed pretty quickly in my body after the procedure. I had also waited 4 weeks to have the D&C, so I don't know if that time counts for anything. It probably does.

Anyway, I'm sorry you're in the thick of it right now. Love and strength to you.

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Hi, I know this is a really old thread, though I have a similar issue I can't find answers for.

Basically, I had a MMC at 12 weeks (baby was measuring around 8 weeks), and then had a D&C as I couldn't handle the waiting. 5 weeks on from D&C and still no period. The corpus luteum is still inside and hasn't ruptured (I can actually feel it - it is sitting at the top of my vagina - sorry if that is TMI). How long did you have to wait before this went? and when did your period return?

We were TTC for 8-9 months before baby so the miscarriage was devastating and then to have this on top of it has been so hard. Given it has been 6 years I hope you have managed to move past this x

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