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Can I ask a question about tissue?(TMI)

In the last year I have had 4 definite losses. Two of them were at 8 and 9 weeks and in both cases I passed a piece of tissue that was about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide and then everything seemed to be over except very light bleeding for another week.

So last month, I had a definite chemical. I had positives from 10 dpo and at 14 dpo the test line was about half as dark as the control line, so no squinting required or anything, then it got lighter and lighter and I started bleeding about 4 or 5 days late. I noticed a piece of tissue about 2 inches long and maybe not even 1/2 inch wide, but it was totally grey and I assumed it was from the CP.

So this month. I got definite negatives on my hpts up until 12 dpo when I got a very faint line on a CBE(blue dye so I knew it could be evap, but it was wide and got darker that no squinting was needed) so then I took a FRER right away and the line was very very faint, I mean really most people would call it an evap, but it came up in the time frame and when I posted the two pictures on the pregnancy hpt board, most people could see it and definitely could see the CBE and felt it was a +++. I had taken numerous FRER over the previous days and they were all stark white.

Of course the next day I started bleeding and so whatever, it either was or wasn't a CP.

So today day 3 of my cycle and I've been bleeding very heavily, but that's not uncommon for me and I had been using progesterone cream this past cycle, but anyways, I just passed a tiny piece of grey tissue. I mean it was only about 1/8 inch wide, by maybe an inch long but it was definite tissue. It was just sitting on my pad when I went to change it.

So I guess I'm just wondering, can you pass gray tissue when you aren't pregnant, or does that mean it was definitely another CP.

Sorry to be so long winded. I've had several healthy pregnancy and 9 losses (two in the second trimester at 18 and 19 weeks) over the years. However I've never had 4 or maybe now 5 losses in a row. I am older so I know that's a huge part of it, but it's very upsetting.

Thanks for reading.

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cant offer any advice hun didnt want to read and run. hope your ok and sory for all your losses xxxx

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My first MC was a complete and I did pass some blueish tissue at home that was about the size you're talking about. Same thing with my second MC. The third and most recent (last month) was a missed MC so I had to go for a D&C. I never saw the tissue with that one.
So I'm guessing it's normal even though not all victims of MC will see it...but I would still discuss with your doc, especially if you're not sure you were even pregnant one of the times it happened. It may indicate a problem but I doubt it. Just have a check up for your own peace of mind! So sorry for your's hard, I know.

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Firstly, I'm very sorry for your losses. About the tissue: I think any time you see a blue/grey big piece of tissue (and it's usually accompanied by the worst pain you have ever felt), it's very likely it's the sac or thickened uterine lining shedding. With a heavy AF, you can get clots, but these are dark red... So if you have tissue, I would call your doctor and see what he says and see if you need to get a blood draw to check your HCG, etc.

Best to you.

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