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How long am i going to have to wait to miscarry

Hi ive just found out im going to have another miscarriage I am 8 weeks at the moment and have decided to just come home and wait.... How long will i be waiting i have had no signs ie cramping or bleeding.... I have had 2 miscarriages before but the 1st i didnt no i was pregnant when the bleeding started and the second was medically managed at 18 weeks.... Any advice appreciated x

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When I miscarried the first time in September, I started running and it took about 1 week. I was bleeding lightly then heavier. I was scheduled for a D&C on the following Tuesday. Friday was the day I expelled the baby and contents. I was at the mall and I was bleeding heavy and came home felt contractions, barely made it up the stairs and bam everything fell into the toilet. It depends on your body.

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that sounds horrible. I to am waiting to miscarry. babies heartbeat has stopped. getting cramps but no bleeding. i just want it over so i can move on. xx

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I am so sorry, I lost Ava at 18 weeks . But I gave birth to her so I don't know about this.
Please know you are in my thoughts

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My first mc I had a d&c. My second, I mc naturally. Her heartbeat had stopped only a few days before, but an u/s confirmed she had died. I was booked for d&c but went into labour the night before.
I think its different each time for everyone. I think red rasberry leaf tea can cause uterine contractions and may speed things up. I could be wrong on this. Ive also heard vitex can cause uterjne cintractions too.

I am so very sorry for your losses.

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I had a missed miscarriage at 8 weeks and waited to miscarriage naturally. It was weeks before I had any cramping or bleeding. All in all it was about 6 weeks before it was over. Once I started spotting 2 weeks later I spotted for 4 weeks on and off then when it finally happened it was quick and not as painful as I thought it would be. I did start to take vitamin c the week before it helps to lower your progesterone levels and help speed things up. You can look up the dosage online. Two weeks later I had a period.

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hi hun, i'm so sorry you are going through this too. i am currently going through my 11th miscarriage and like you am wondering how long its going to take to start to bleed. i also have had no cramps or anything so it is a hard and confusing time. sending you lots of hugs and will have you in my thoughts xxx

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I went for a private scan yesterday and the baby measured 6+4 when I was 10+3 so it was pretty obvious what had happened. I had no bleeding or cramping before the scan but having m/c before I had a feeling something wasn't right. The weird thing is as soon as I knew the baby wasn't viable, I started bleeding - literally hours after the scan. I don't know if it was the ultrasound or what that started it. My previous m/c happened straight away naturally and took a week in total, this one as you can see took 4 weeks from the baby stopping growing to start. Sending hugs xx

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I am so sorry for all your losses. I had a mmc last dec. Went for a scan at just over 7 weeks but baby showed 5+6. I chose to wait for a natural miscarriage. I didn't start bleeding until about 4 weeks after the scan, and then it took another 4 weeks until it all happened. By then I was nearly ready for medical involvement as I felt that I had given my body enough of a chance to make it happen. I am so glad that it did happen naturally but it was a long wait and pretty tough. I had no pain whatsoever when it happened. My only upset is that I did end up bleeding for another 4 weeks after baby had passed, and so I did have to have an ERPC anyway, which is what I had been wanting to avoid. I was somewhat reassured that I knew the surgery was not to remove my baby but just clots to stop the bleeding, my baby had passed completely naturally.

Hugs to you all. xx

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