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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Why am I having so many chemicals??

Hello ladies, I'm new here and I need a shoulder to cry on I'm 35 with 2 beautiful children, 13 and 11. I got remarried last yr and had a tubal reversal in December. I have had 3 chemical pregnancies starting in April. This first 2 were confirmed pregnancies with blood work, second one held on alittle longer at almost 5 wks. This month I went a week with positive HPTs and then started period. I didn't bother with blood work yet because of the last 2 months, I wasn't gonna waste getting blood work just yet, and of course I was right, started AF again yesterday. I go on Friday and have the HSG done, kinda think it's pointless because something's obviously getting up there but dr said there might be "a bump in the road" meaning it's getting caught on scar tissue. But still, I'm not staying pregnant long enough for that to even be the issue yet, do you know what I mean. Etopics can happen longer then I'm staying pregnant, mine just aren't sticking anywhere. That makes me think there is something else wrong. He wants to check blood for blood clotting issues, but would that be an issue, seeing that I have carried to healthy children in the past? Anyone have experience and have any ideas why this is happening?? Anything is appreciated!!! Thanks

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Have you tried taking a low dose aspirin a day, it seems to help with implantation and it sounds like maybe the fertilised egg isnt implanting properly in your case. My first Miscarriage was at 5 weeks so quite early on. My doctor then recommended I take a low dose aspirin so I started straight away and fell pregnant 2 weeks after the miscarriage. It def. implanted well this time around but sadly the heartbeat stopped at 9 weeks and I needed a D&C. Its worth considering x

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