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what does the sac look like?

sorry ive been posting so much today guys... im really confused about if my miscarriage is done or not. i was 7 weeks when i started bleeding and passed a membraney looking clot that was about two and a half or three inches long and rounded on the ends... would that have been the sac? there was no baby that i could see, but the baby may have stopped growing a long time ago... i never had an early ultrasound so i dont know. itd be nice if it was all done and hubby and i could start trying again.

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sorry for your loss, how awful you're going through this xx It does sound to me like you have already passed the sac. At 7 weeks you'd be really pushed to see any baby just a tiny dot really but sounds like you should go to the doc for a checkup make sure everything is OK with you xx

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Hi MermaidMon,

1st of all sorry for your loss. Im going through the same thing at the moment, got told last week that my baby had stopped growing at 7-8 weeks. Im not sure if i have passed the sac or not yet either. I was like you a passed what i thought was the sac but im not sure. Im booked in to the hosp for a scan to make sure everything is cleared away for 2 weeks time.
They say its best to make sure everything it flushed away before starting again as it can cause problems if you fall pregnant again.


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