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Hi Bellamamma, not sure if you see check in here, hows you been? Waitin for my second AF and had postnatal consultation today to discuss the post mortem. tc x

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Originally Posted by pink80 View Post
to all you ladies - sorry for your losses

Can I ask if any of you have had 2 blighted ovums...? Both of my MCs were diagnosed as blighted ovums and I'm thinking that points to there being a problem, as it's supposedly a 'one time fluke'. Both times we found out at the 12 week scan, had strong preg symptoms etc.

I just don't know if I can try again, as I'm sure that it'll end up the same way
Hi there, sorry for your losses, a friend of mine had 2 blighted ovums, and is now 20 weeks pregnant, so it is possible, good luck for you future

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At 8 weeks I had an early scan due to the loss of some pg symptoms. Scan showed the sac at 6/6. Then a week later had a confirmation scan of BO. I was/am so devastated, DF too. Opted to miscarry naturally because I work in surgery and see D&Cs all of the time. Waited and waited, started spotting mildly at 11 weeks. Then on week 12, woke up at 0600 with horrible pain. Contractions lasting 20-30 seconds. This went on all morning, they were getting stronger and more painful. At 1200 started vomiting from the pain, crying, I was on the toilet passing tissue, blood, and bowel movements. It became too much and went to the ER. I was shaking, sweating, vomiting, as I was having contractions getting triaged. No beds, so they drew my blood and gave me some anti nausea medication. Then I felt a gush, and all of the symptoms went away. I went to the bathroom and a lemon sized sac fell into the toilet. I couldn't see it because there was a lot of blood. That was my miscarriage and it was the one of the hardest things I have gone through. Looking back I would have had a D&C, I basically had a mini labor with just feeling empty afterwards.

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Not so blighted

Hi I would like to share my story and I hope it will help expecting mothers. Last week when I was around 6 weeks pregnant I went for my scan. It showed a sacrifice but no baby. I was worried and a week later I decided to seek second opinion and did a vaginally scan as the second doctor told me the baby is still small and would not be spotted with a tummy scan(what my gynaecologist did). I was a complete wreck when the scan showed a growing uterus but no baby not even an egg yolk. The doc said that she suspects a case of blighted ovum as my sac was about 21mm. But because her cut-off was 25mm she told me to come back after 2 weeks. I broke down and was absolutely devastated. When I read online for stories I cane to know that doctors would usually wait for the gestational sac to be 25 mm with no baby to diagnose a blighted ovum. I was so upset as I thought that no way in hell would a baby appear suddenly. I was also mentally prepared to go for d&c and what all nonsense I was imagining. Today I went down to my gynaecologist totally prepared to see nothing. He did a tummy scan and we saw it ! A baby crl measuring 15+mm with heartbeat and all. I can't even describe the amount of joy I felt. In just 1 week look at the difference!

So my take away from this experience is thi's

1. If possible don't do an early scan as it only stresses you if you can't see the baby.

2. Sometimes machines can't really show you the truth. I guess my baby was hiding there all along but the positioning was nt there.

3. Put your faith in a good doctor someone who doesn't go by the books and start scaring you into thinking you are a doomed case.

4. Rely on the doctor not the machine. The second doc I went to who did a vaginal scan perhaps was not too apt in using it (I have gone to this public hospital before the doctors are really crappy. It was a mistake to go here for second opinion just cos they were cheaper and they had the vaginally scan machine).

5. Finally, greater than the doc or any machine is God. My friends and I really prayed very hard and in just a week despite the fact that my sac was empty as my hope, a beautiful flower bloomed.

I am officially almost 8 weeks preggers w a baby in my sac whose heart beats strong. Ladies here who are worried pls pray and also don't lose hope. I wish you the best.

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I'm currently pregnant again but I fell pregnant in January , got to 11 week scan and was told there was only a 5 week sac. I had numerous scans and bloods after to confirm (not sure why it was obvious the baby wasn't viable ) anyway I was desperate for the pill to "remove everything" the day before I was due to go in for my pill I bled. It was painful in all honesty. I had more bleeding then I'd had in labour with my child 5 years prior. I was confused to the amount of blood and clots because it's stopped growing at 5 weeks but after that looong night I had very light bleeding for around 2 days and fell pregnant the following month.
I am so incredibly sorry for your loss but things do get better xxxx

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It looks like I have a blighted ovum but I won't know for sure for two weeks when I get scanned again. I thought I was 8 weeks today, but they only saw a gestational sac, no baby. It's possible my dates are a little off, and maybe I'm more like 7+ weeks, but even so, they should see a baby on transvaginal US. So now I wait. I have big time symptoms which makes this even harder.

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