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6 weeks since mc and still no period is this normal?

im worried i havnt come on and there is no way i cn be pregnant this common x

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i think it's pretty normal, your cycle doesn't get going again until all the hcg is out of your body. i was 5.5 weeks and hcg at 1155 and it took about 10 days to go back down to 0. i had m/c aug 24 and just ovulated a week ago

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My period started exactly 7 weeks after. I was 10 weeks x x x but I ovulated 5 weeks after mc

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I think that's normal..they told me to expect AF as early as 4 weeks after but as long as 8 weeks after. Are you charting? Sometimes that helps to know when to expect it. I got AF 5weeks 5days after my procedure and had o'd 2 weeks before that. The higher your hormone levels the longer it will take. I only o'd after I got a negative hpt (about 3 weeks after my d&c).

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I'm the same I mc at the end of July and only stopped bleeding about 6 weeks after. Still waiting for my af to come. Been getting cm though and I think that's a good sign, just hope i don't get horrible cramps like i did before. Sorry for your loss.

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Everyone is different but i think the average is 2-6 weeks before ovulation again.

I had to take 10dys of norethisterone to stop 8 weeks post MC bleeding then i had a bleed but had so many positive OPKs i think my body kept trying to ovulate but never did so now waiting for the witch!

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in march, i had a chem, came on 4th april then had no period after that for 70 days, came on normal af, got pregnant, another chem and so far have not had a period. my ff reckons ive ovulated based on temps etc so i gues its normal

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