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Raspberry leaf tea

Hi ladies

I just want to ask if anyone else tried drinking this while miscarrying?

I am undergoing a natural MC at 7+3. When I knew it was starting I began drinking raspberry leaf tea only because I know it helps women with labour pains and thought it might make it easier. I just wanted to see if anyone else tried this while miscarrying and what their outcome was.

My experience so far is that I didn't really get painful cramping even with the golf ball size clots(sorry tmi). It has been physically pain free despite heavy flow. I don't know if that has anything to do with the tea. Also I know that you are expected to bleed for about two weeks after a mc so i will continue to drink it to see if it shortens or lengthens that time. Day 2 today and flow is light now.

Not very scientific but I think i have benefited from it. There isn't much info on the net about it but don't think it can do any harm?or can it? Thoughts/ experiences ladies

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? Wish I knew. Sorry didn't want to R&R.

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I had actually thought about this as this would make perfect sense x

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it's used for labour so t makes sense it would help with MC.. theres not danger for sure.

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