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Annoyed with my husband!

I am really annoyed with my husband. He is acting as if nothing has happened to me and that I should be carrying on as normal. I have started to bleed a little today (after a suspected mmc) and he has just informed me that he is working tomorrow even though he should be off for the week on holiday.

I cant believe his insensitivity and even that of my mother. She was like what do you want me to do?? I dont think they quite understand that although I have had a miscarriage I havent actually had the loss.

I am terrified it will happen tomorrow when he is at work and I have kids to look after, two of them under 2. I am so peed off with it all

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so sorry to hear that it's very emotional in your household right now. Is he in a job where he could work from home or could home on his dinner? maybe explain that you could do with his support if\when the worse happens - even if it means finishing a shift 30 minutes early you'd really appreciate it.

You're obviously scared right now and it sounds like hubby is feeling the same but just not showing it.

Men take it differently to women, my own hubby said women are more emotionally attached as they're the ones carrying the baby but maybe he's just not sure how to cope himself - they're usually meant to be the strong ones at times like these.

As for your mum, just do the same with her, explain you just need them to be there even if it means sitting and watching some telly or washing the pots - the company of family is what you need right now. xxxx

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