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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I'm so very hurt and angry...

So I've just come home from the epau and I've been told I'm rather about to miscarry or I'm ectopic as my hormone levels are too low.. And I have to wait four days for an exact answer, and just wait in the mean time to rather "start bleeding or become in excruciating pain"
The drs were cold and in compassionate my family don't seem to care and my "husband" well, he's off out today to play a stupid football tournament!! No one else agreed with this baby as I have 4 already, and because of that I'm meant to be all like "oh well, I've got 4 so who cares about this one" I'm in bits not only because I'm losin the baby I already loved so much but because it's still inside me, dead or dying. I'm so angry at the world right now!! I'm sorry to rant but I think u strangers are the only ones who understand and empathise xx

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Oh hun im so so sorry you are going through this especially on your own ,i cant believe that they are making you wait 4 days to find out either way whats happening thats terrible x

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I have a similar story. I went to the ER yesterday as I started bleeding a little. After being at the hospital for 10 hours they told me I had a missed miscarriage. I did not stay to get the DNC but I am going for a second opinion if I can hold off until tomorrow when my doctors office opens. If not I will be going to a different hospital to see if it is the same outcome. I am a total mess and dont want to talk to ANYONE right now.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I don't care if this is your 4th or your 40th child - a loss is a loss!!! I'm so sorry the world is not supporting your grief... be we do! Go ahead and get upset, angry, sad, whatever you need to do and feel!

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