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Seem to have got here by accident!

So I always planned to put Robyn in cloth nappies (though the first time I tried them it did NOT go well, so I'm waiting till she's a bit bigger). But that was it, I had no plans to do any of the other 'natural stuff'.

By 2 weeks old we had transitioned Robyn to full time bed sharing, as before that point OH got no sleep (I had c section so OH was on night duty, I couldn't get up quick enough!)

Then I bought a wrap and went out for the first time yesterday wearing Robyn. Again, it's not something we planned but when you're not quite recovered fully for a c section it's a darn sight easier to wear a baby than it is to faff with a pushchair on your own! And Robyn is the sort of baby you can't put down so I'm sure it will come in handy round the house too.

So now I 'm wondering whatI'll end up discovering next!

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I planned to get into baby-wearing because my Mom told me it was easier than pushing a pushchair, cloth nappies because they're cute and bed sharing because I'm too lazy to get out of bed all night Then I started doing research while pregnant and..

Now I'm a coconut oil using, BLWing, home-birther who plans to breastfeed past my one year goal and I've changed from medical school to midwifery college. It's funny how things change, isn't it?

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You'll be stitching your own clothes out of leaves in no time

I was the same - I found this section when looking at cloth nappies, must be over three years ago now. It's funny to me now that I was really happy with my purchase of 2 starter sets of Mothercare Smart Nappies and I thought that was all I'd need/want until it was time to buy the next size. Hundreds of nappies later...

I had no knowledge of most of the things we do now - co-sleeping, BLW, ERF, babywearing, being child led etc. The only other thing I was going to do was BF I think.

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I only planned on BFing and still don't cloth diaper (although I might with the next baby!) but the rest was an accident. Now I'm an extended BFing advocate, ERF, cosleeping, no sleep training, babywearing mama.. Idk how it happened but I'm lovin' it!

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