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Flip covers

Two questions on Flips..
One: does the Velcro last long enough to go from birth to potty training?
Two: what do you do when the elastic in the leg holes is loose?

I have purchased some used Flips and they were very inexpensive because the elastic is quite loose. I'm trying one on my son tonight with a cotton prefold , a hemp prefold, and a fleece stay dry liner. I am hoping he won't leak through the leg openings.

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I haven't used the velcro ones but I would assume it's the same as other Cotton Babies nappies. It should last long enough for one baby but you might want to replace it if you use them for another baby.

You can replace the elastic, it just takes a bit of time. You slit a hole in each end of the leg casing (on the outside of the nappy so any stitching you have to do won't irritate LO later), sew in one end of the new elastic over the top of the old stuff and tack (few loose stitches) the other end of the new stuff to the old stuff, then cut the old stuff and let it draw the new elastic through the casing to the other end where you sew it in and remove the old elastic, then sew up the holes on the outside using polyester thread.

I really wouldn't be trying loose covers overnight for the first time... in fact I would get your day nappies sorted first before you even attempt ANY night nappies.

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