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What size clothes for a baby in cloth nappies?

I've just received a big bundle of Tots Bots cloth nappies and wraps. Very exciting - they're so cute:-) In the same post, I also received quite a few little babygrows, all-in-one vests, etc. (wow, eBay is doing well out of me at the moment!). Now, looking at them all, I'm beginning to wonder how these newborn and 0-3month clothes actually fit over the nappies. The nappies look quite chunky - but maybe I'm just worrying about nothing.

Anybody with experience of cloth nappies know whether babies still wear clothes appropriate to their age or whether I should be looking for the next age up?

(This all assumes that I have an average-sized baby, but that I won't know until he/she arrives!)

Thanks xx

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Tot bots are quite chunky but I still manage to get her usual size clothes over them she just looks like a weeble.

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for vests you can buy extensions, they are link a piece of fabric with poppers either side that attach to the vest and can add an extra couple of inchs between the legs (perfect for cloth bum babies) this means the body still fits correctly without having to put baby in a vest that is way to big on the top just to fit their bum.

also there are some places on the net that sell clothes made specially for cloth bum babies, basically they have a bigger rise at the back than the front to go over the nappy, again something to look into


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I haven't used tots bots but with any other of my nappies i've never had a problem with clothes. As said above you can buy vest extenders, i've never searched for them but i have seen them on nappy lady site.

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I found as Jack was approaching 3 months I needed to move him up into the 3-6 month size vests, but he's quite big anyway. I didn't know about vest extenders. Trousers have never been a problem, clothes seem to be made a little bigger than vests anyway. He's still in 0-3 month sleepsuits but wears an eco disposable at night. When we did put him in cloth over night we put a 3-6 month sleepsuit on, which went over the nappy ok but was too long in the arms and legs, he was just 3 months at the time.

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I haven't used those and we didn't start cloth until he was 2mo so I can't say for newborn but we really never had issues with clothes fitting. Even now he's 22mo and he wears 3-6mo shorts even with his big Goodmama diapers which are the bulkiest on him.

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I haven't used tots bots, but haven't had a problem with any of Hunter's diapers. They were as small as a disposable so I could use his normal clothes.

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I have had to size up with clothes, but I think I would if I were using disposables too because Alice is so big. She is wearing mostly 6-9 month now and the newborn never fit her. The only clothes I have had a problem fitting because of the cloth diapers are some pants that don't stretch big enough.

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