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would you recommend buying smalller nappies?

Hey, so far i have 17 resuable pocket nappies/diapers

They do seem a bit big for a small baby although i might be wrong. i have half velcro and the other half poppers to see how i get on.

I was planning on using disposables for the first month or so, so im not so stressed by the washing in the first few weeks so wont need for about 6 weeks.

Should i buy some newborn smaller sizes?

So far iv only spent 60ish a mix of ebay cheapies and 2nd hand. so am happy to spend more to get a good stash.

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If you're not planning to use cloth straight away, there is probably no need for newborn nappies. Most OS nappies will fit from around 4-8 weeks old, so yours should fit at some point around then. If it's nearer 8 weeks than 4, you might find yourself having to buy more disposables but it won't be like you've never used one.

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