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Wrap question

I love my wrap nap fairy linen wrap. I only do a FWCC or a double hammock back carry (like three times....still practicing it). Usually she's great in it and will nestle to sleep while i do dishes or cook or whatever. Suddenly though it seems she's resisting it, I dont know if she's overtired but when i put her in and begin to tie she arches back and pushes away from me and cries. and the backcarry she bends sideways or makes it impossible Any suggestions?

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Stalking! Just got my first woven(after using a stretchy then sscs) and lo will happily be wrapped on my front or hip but will not tolerate a back carry! Problem is at 23lbs she NEEDS to go on the back for long trips! And all that wiggling, squirming, arching and leg sstraightening sure makes it hard to learn!

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Sometimes at around 9 months they do this, not sure why, but it's pretty common. Just keep trying

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For your back carry try getting your top rail snug right away. You can even wrap her arms around your neck and hold them that way too to keep her from wriggling. Or give her a toy (DS likes my phone or the remote!) to distract her. Also try to keep her nice and High so she can see well over your shoulder. A reinforced ruck or back wrap cross carry can be a little easier to start with too so you can keep things tighter to avoid her from leaning.

For front carry try a hip carry like Poppins hip carry so she can look around more. There are a couple pre- tied carries like Poppins, Front cross carry, or a rebozo you can try too that might make her happier if you only have to adjust once she is in. Good luck! HTH!

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