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Can I use my cot as a co-sleeper thing if I take a side off?

We are getting our babies first cot this week and I am wondering if it is safe to just push it up against th bed with the side removed and a blanet to fill te gap? I have tried co-sleeping just in our bed but it jut wasnt working, I dont know if our bed is just a really small double bed or if its that my OH takes up so much room but it was the worst nights sleep I have ever had as I was so cramped and hot being squashed in the middle as baby and OH are both like radiators! I really want to cosleep as ethan wakes so much in the night lately and he feeds best whilst side-lying so it just makes sense really!

I am just worried about the little gap between our bedframe and the cot matress... Can I just stuff it with a blanket/pillow to fill the gap or will this be unsafe/suffocation hazard? Its only about 5-7cm wide and 5cm deep as our frame sticks out around our matress.I would make sure it was properly wedged and probably put a sheet over tucked in on the other side of the cot and then on OHs side of the bed so he couldnt pull any of the blanket up...


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I have situated a crib on the side of our bed for my (almost) 3 year old to sleep on. I've had it like that since before he was 2. There's tutorials online on how to make it as safe as possible so there's no suffocation hazards, etc. If there's an obvious gap between your bed and the gap, that can pose a problem, but if there's a way you can fill it and make it as flat as possible and level with the bed then you shouldn't have a problem.

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I have done so with both kids and it's great!

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That's what we've done too.

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It would be much safer to move the cot mattress across to sit right up against your mattress and stuff the far side (by the cot side) instead, as baby is much less likely to sleep there. Lots of people use tightly rolled towels or you can get a piece of thick foam like the stuff cot mattresses are made of cut to fit. We actually used our first LO's mattress - I just cut the right size piece off it - when we got a new mattress for our second and it works really well. You just need to make sure to support the overhanging bit of mattress properly from beneath, I used an old rolled blanket resting on our bed frame, and make sure to firmly strap the bed and the cot together, as well as get the two mattresses level. It was a life saver for us!

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This is really useful for info on safe sidecar arrangements

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Following!! Was thinking of doing this as well

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Yep. There's yt tutorials on how to do it. This is what I hope to do when we have a LO.

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Yes. This is what we've done recently to make more room in the bed. We made the cot mattress to the same height as the bed mattress and there was n gap at all. It's worked really well

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