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bumgenius elemental or freetime?

which one do you prefer and why? - bumgenius old elemental or bumgenius freetime?

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Hmm I'd go for the Freetime over the old Elemental because I prefer the leg elastics on the Freetime (and the new Elemental), and the old elemental took ages to dry when we had them whereas the Freetimes are really quick. I haven't tried the new Elemental but those issues have been addressed so if I had to buy a set number of nappies I'd probably go with a 50/50 split or 75/25 (more Freetimes as they're cheaper and quick drying) - Freetimes for when you need quick drying nappies and for normal days, but Elementals for when you need extra absorbency and no chance of compression wicking e.g. in the car or buggy.

I also prefer nappies with stay dry fabric next to LO, having to add a liner annoys me so I would probably go for the 75/25 split actually. I wasn't too keen on the way the absorbent bits folded up inside when you adjusted the size of the old Elementals - it always looked lumpy and possibly uncomfortable for LO to me. From looking at photos, I don't think this is the case in the new Elementals, they seem to fold flatter.

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I prefer the Freetime. They dry as fast as my pockets and I find them just as absorbent as Elementals. And they wick the moisture away from baby's skin

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Great question!!!
Glad to hear this. I've just bought 3 freetime nappies. I've not used them before but they were a bargain 10 each so thought I'd try them. I love my elementals. Despite all the troubles I've had with leaking cloths they have restored my faith. I love the new ones the most for fit and drying time but the old ones have amazing absorbancy. Once I fit the nappy I've been putting my fingers inside and smoothing the lumpy bits out a bit more and that's worked for us. Looking forward to getting my new fluff now. Thanks!!

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I think it really depends on what fits you baby the best and would suggest trying one of each to see which you like.

I like the freetime more than 4.0 but never got a elemental because I don't like the look on them inside. Freetimes are one of the nappies I get the best fit with on my son though.

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