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Newborn Babywearing tips

As I will shortly be doing it, does anyone have any tips? We have a woven wrap for me to use, and OH has chosen a babasling. Very excited, but nervous!

I wore DS from about 9 months in a woven wrap and loved it, hopefully I will enjoy it just as much this time.

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I did not come across woven wraps until baby #5 was over 1yo, but I LOVE the Baby Ktan. The ease of use makes it so worth the $50 to me. I like being able to just pop baby in and out as needed. I imagine that someone very talented at wovens could probably get them in and out quickly too, I just haven't had as much practice.

I prefer to nurse in the carrier in an upright a matter of fact, all of my baby wearing is done in an upright position. I have never felt like the baby was comfortable laying down and would constantly worry about chin-to-chest issues.

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Interested in this too. not used woven wraps before at all. discovered stretchy wrap when first was about 10 weeks and loved it wished i had known from birth. And second didnt like the stretchy until he was older booo. hoping this one will love it from day one. Planning on getting a close caboo, some sort of buckle carrier (mayb a cheapy that needs scarf hack as only forhubby on occassions) thinking of getting a woven adn mayb a ring sling too.

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I used a woven wrap from day 1! She'll be a year old tomorrow and we still use it constantly! It was seriously my best purchase I had never baby worn before, so while I was pregnant, I'd watch YouTube videos & practice with a stuffed animal. Once the teddy bear was wrapped in, I'd pull the legs really hard to see if "baby" could fall out lol...I'd say I was pretty confident by the time my real baby got here!!

When she was a newborn, she preferred to be upright (in fact she hated lying down) so we used the front wrap cross carry. I got really good/really quick at getting her in & getting it tied. We definitely used the wrap daily, for hours on end. She even took every nap in it. A few months later, I discovered the front cross carry, which is "poppable" and I began just wearing the wrap like an accessory and popping her in & out as needed (that's how I still do it!)
Id say she's still in it almost everyday, but she's walking now so she likes down for awhile, then back in, then out, the FCC is super convenient. She's 22 lbs and we're both still perfectly comfortable in a front carry. I'll probably start experimenting with back carries soon.

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