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Originally Posted by kajastarlight View Post
I only really got flack for co-sleeping when DS2 was a baby. "you are gonna roll over onto him!!" Um... no, I am not.... "he is gonna fall off the bed!!" Um... no, he is not. How do I know? Well, because I wake up just a very little every time he moves (not enough to be awake awake, but enough to be aware of what is going on) and because he can't roll yet!
When he was a toddler no one asked and I didn't bring it up. By the time he was 3 he wated to be in his own room in his own bed 99% of the time anyway.
Haha, my response would be "so what, the mattress is directly on the floor!" She did sleep in elevated beds when at a hotel or elsewhere, but we just put her between my husband and myself so that it wouldn't happen. It actually DID happen once though because I had her on my other side for some time. She cried. She got over it. Even non-bed-sharing babies end up rolling off beds sometimes.

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You'll learn to not give a shit soon. I don't co sleep all the time but I do it when they want it. (I would have done it all the time but my husbands not totally keen on it, although did encourage it with emily because he saw how good it was for them) last night poppy wanted to sleep in my bed because she is ill. Who wouldn't want to be cuddled to sleep when your poorly? She is in no way clingy either.

I find it so weird that people think children should sleep on their own. If a married couple slept in different bedrooms people would be weired out by it, yet you carry and grow a baby for 9 months then your meant to leave it in another room/bed for 12 hours every day. Just really odd logic to me.

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