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Cloth Diapering On The Go

Good morning!

My husband and I have finally decided on our cloth diapering system, however there is one thing we can't figure out. I was hoping some of you ladies may have some advice.

What do you do with your dirty cloth nappies while not home? Don't want to put them in plastic ziplocs as that can get very wasteful quickly. Did anyone figure out a good method to keep the smell and mess contained while out? Would love to hear your suggestions!

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Mum (Mom)
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I use wetbags. They are made from waterproof fabric, usually closed by a zipper. The first one I had I bought, and then the others I made myself from PUL fabric (the same fabric they use for the waterproof layer of cloth diapers). I wash them at the same time as I do diapers.

I sometimes use large ziploc bags (for when I forget the wet bags) but then rinse them out and re-use them for next time.

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If you aren't inclined to sew your own Tender Tushies has a clearance sale on and wet bags are $5 each. They also have pail liners which are quite a bit larger for $5 ea too. I purchased a couple and I am quite happy with them. I haven't used them for a baby yet since I am still expecting, but I did use one for a wet swimsuit and it worked perfectly.

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Old Mar 9th, 2015, 23:52 PM   4
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Wet Bags - ours came with the nappies we bought (bambooty). They're great, contain pretty much everything (even the no.2s the creche ladies don't want to try and flush!). I won't lie, a bit of a smell can creep out of those after a few hours but I have a zippable insert for my nappy bag so I pop them in there.

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Old Mar 10th, 2015, 01:25 AM   5
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Yeah, definitely wet bags are worth the money. I only have a medium one, but in the future I woke get a large one. Worth it for the unexpected double poop/staying out longer than you expected!

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Old Mar 12th, 2015, 16:02 PM   6
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Wet bags are the best

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Currently I'm using nappy sacks (not great I know) but next week I'm going to buy a few wet bags. There are loads on amazon for really decent prices.

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Old Mar 17th, 2015, 10:41 AM   8
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With LO#1 I used a smaller wetbag when out and about and then transferred to a large wetbag at home until washing time

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Sorry if TMI but I used (and am looking to build my stash to go full time) cloth menstrual pads. I have a wet bag sort of thing that I put them in while on the go.

We're also investing in AI2/hybrid systems. The ones we're looking at are Thirsties Duo Wrap but with Flip disposable inserts. That way if we're out for long periods of time, I don't have to worry about diapers. That and I tend to forget things already in my wet bag if I'm exhausted

I don't think you actually NEED a hybrid system to use the inserts. I just like the two size system of Thirsties lol.

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As others have said, use a wet bag. As back up I've used recycled plastic shopping bags or even the occasional ziplock (if say, all my wet bags were dirty or in the wash).

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