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Good newborn fitteds to go under Rumparooz newborn covers?

I'm expecting our second baby in August and have been going through all that I have kept from my first son to see what clothes, nappies etc need buying. I think we're mostly ok for bigger nappies, but I need a few more newborn nappies to bulk out the stash as we didn't get along with some with Rowan and so sold those on.

Firstly, I can't remember how many I'll need altogether for a newborn? It's been a few years!

I've got a mix of AIO and pockets, together with a few Bamboozle Stretch size 1, but I didn't like the wraps we used (ME Rikki and Thirsties Duo) so they've gone and I have no newborn wraps, only Blueberry Coveralls which are 10lbs+ (though Rowan was 9lbs 5oz, I know shape-wise newborn specific nappies are likely to fit better anyway). I was going to take advantage of RNW to get some Rumparooz Newborn wraps as I loved their pockets for Rowan, but am unsure what to put under them. I hope the Bamboozle stretches will fit? We have very hard water here and most nappies (e.g. Little Lambs bamboo) go too crunchy (no tumble drier) but the Bamboozles stayed reasonable. Any recommendations for fitteds to go under the Rumparooz Newborn wraps?

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We loved Coth-Eeze fitteds. Got them from Green Mountain Diapers though in the US. Not sure if anyone in England carries them. Loved them though!

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I absolutely love Bamboozles on my newborn! They are amazing! If you don't have any joy with the Rumparoos covers over them, the Tots Bots size 0 covers are great, very flexible and soft too. I also like the small Popolini covers, but not very flexible or soft...have gussets though, which are nice. I am also liking the Nature Babies covers in small - only downside is they have snaps and I prefer velcro at this age, but they also have gussets and a generous but good fit.

Regarding amount of nappies - I am finding my daughter goes through about 8 nappies a day, but if you are washing every other day I would recommend maybe between 20-30 nappies to be safe.

Something else I thought I'd mention -I know every baby is different, but I got a whole bunch of different types to try out, and I surprised myself by absolutely loving prefold style nappies with covers - they are super absorbent, customisable fit-wise and dry fairly quickly! Plus they will withstand pretty much anything

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