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How many prefolds/covers for toddler?

All I can find are recommendations for newborn or smaller babies...3 dozen seems excessive for a toddler especially since its recommended to wash every other day.

Essentials only, how many do you think you could get by with in your stash?

I was thinking 15-18 prefolds and 4-6 covers would be enough, he's not really a heavy wetter.

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Sophie uses about 5 per day and has done so for about 1.5 years. We have 5 covers I think. She wears a fitted nappy at night.

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We usually go through 5-8 a day, then a fitted for night just like Minties. I think I have about 20 prefolds and I wash every other day. It is helpful to have some extras, just in case your wash routine is delayed/interrupted (we once had a long power outage), or they get sick and poop a lot, etc.

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