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tots bots and boosters

Hi so my son is 9 months and an extremely heavy wetter. We were using disposable until today!
Every night I have put a disposable on and then wrapped another around his tummy to catch the leaks that come up his belly (he's a tummy sleeper). Some mornings we're dry but most are not.

So I'm switching to tots bots easy all in one reusable. I am going to add bamboo/microfibre boosters yo these.

My question I need a booster in every nappy or just the night time ones? And do I need more than one booster? The all in one includes the waterproof cover but would you suggest adding another wrap for night times?

He has never slept through the night and I'm convinced he's wet and uncomfortable.

Thank you so much xx

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What version of tots bots are you using? I have v 2 - 4 and had to boost them differently. V3 didn't last as long without leaks and that was with an additional bamboo booster. V2s were fab, also used with a bamboo booster!! I only ever used the booster that came with my v4s, and they were ok but a bit bulky.
I never used tots bots for night time as I think my lo would have wet through them. We currently use a little lamb or a baba and boo pocket with 1 charcoal and 2 bamboo boosters (charcoal closest to lo as they absorb fast). This works great and he only ever leaks very occasionally (hes almost 2 1/2) and only uses nappies at night now.
I dont think you can use a wrap over an AIO. Im sure some of the cloth savvy ladies on here will know the technical reason why not.

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I'm not a fan of Tots Bots TBH - I find 2 parters much more reliable. At night I have always doubled up 2 terry squares, folded them together as one nappy, used a stay dry liner (fleece liner) and covered with a wool nappy cover. This has never leaked, and has gone for up to 15 hours. Boosting fitters enough for night tends to mis shape them so you get leaks because they don't fit right.
But I wouldn't double up on PUL wraps, because it could cause overheating. One of the best things about wool is that it's cool, as it allows evaporation. Very gentle, comfy and soft as well

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We use Totsbots easyfits during the day, but at night we use the bamboozles two-parters. Our little man (13 months) is a heavy wetter, so after trial and error his night-time nappy consists of: fleece liner to keep him dry, bamboozle insert doubled up at front (he is mainly a tummy sleeper), bamboozle nappy, Charlie Banana hemp booster, Little Lamb bamboo booster, outer wrap. He ends up with a well-padded bottom, but it doesn't stop him moving around, and it very rarely leaks (usually caused by mistakes in putting it on a very wriggley little boy!).

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