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I was just about to make a new thread very similar to this so I hope you don't mind me hijacking

My 1 year old hates being in the buggy so babywearing is our only option so I'm going to buy a 2nd hand cheapy coat, how many sizes bigger shall I go? He's not a big guy (still in 9-12m clothes) and my carrier isn't bulky (boba 4G).

I'm thinking baby legwarmers (like these: would be ideal since trousers always get hitched up in the carrier. If you're a bit crafty you can make your own babywearing coat, just put DIY babywearing coat in google and there are tons of ideas.

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in winter i just upsized my coat for babywearing and got one with toggles rather than a zipper so i could just do up the lower ones. babywearing gets hot though, defo get some good booties for baby and some babyleg warmers to put an extra layer on the exposed areas and a good hat for them too

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Originally Posted by Rachel89 View Post
Thank you so much everybody! I think I will need to buy a new winter coat because the one I have fits me just right.

So I will have to buy a new coat, just don't know how much bigger it would need to be!

Anyone where you can get cute baby leg warmers? xxx
If you do that, just make sure you have enough layers on your chest to keep your chest warm. In terms of the baby, just pop a hat on and wrap the coat around the baby and you're good.

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Try tights too!! My son wears tights in winter under his trousers so they don't ride up and leave a big gap!

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realize i'm way too late to this thread, but wanted to pass along what i did. i bought a zip in panel from

it zips into my jacket and then has snaps to adjust for babywearing or pregnancy and it's been perfect. i didn't have to buy a new jacket, and zipping me and baby into my very warm down jacket meant all i ever had to dress her in was long sleeves and pants with feet (or footed sleepers, which she lived in for the first 2 months). it's on my list of must have baby items.

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