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Sling for a fat bird?

I'd like to have a go at baby wearing this time round, but I'm size 22 pre-pregnancy and am aware that your average sling might not go round me!

I haven't been able to find a sling library in my area (Northants) and I don't want to spend too much in case I don't get on with it, plus my hubby isn't keen on baby wearing and I'll get earache if I spend too much on it.


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Hmm, I would think that a stretchy wrap like a Moby or Boba wrap would be pretty accommodating. They'll only do for the first couple months though. Beyond that, I noticed that Ergo sells an extender, though I'm not sure what is the size range of the regular belt.

I also found this site, which is pretty neat!

Good luck...

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I would give a moby wrap a try for the first few months. I'm a size 16/18 (but more like an 18 right after we had our daughter and were using the moby). I'm also tall with a long torso. I found the moby fit perfectly fine. They are really only for babies up to about 6 months because after that you'll want something more supportive, like a woven wrap, but they're more affordable than most woven wraps, so a great thing to try at first to see how you get on with it. Some people find they only really babywear for the first few months anyway, or some people, like me, still wear their nearly 3 year olds, so it's something to try and if you get on with it you can invest in something else later. You can also find secondhand ones as well. Beyond that, if you do want something more suitable for an older baby or a toddler, a size 6 woven wrap would definitely do the trick, I would assume. I had a size 4, which didn't leave much extra length. I could pretty much just get it tied without more than a few inches left over, but that worked perfectly well for me. A size 5 would probably also work, but I'm sure a size 6 definitely would. We also have an Ergo carrier and I can just about get it buckled, so you might want something with a longer waist strap or the extender, but that's an expensive investment, so I could get to a sling meet and hire one before you buy (some will even do hires by mail if it's too far).

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Any stretchy would fit, I'm about a size 22 and went for the eBay long one, it was too long so ended up with a standard size one from the sling library. The stretchy got less comfortable about 4 months when DS was about 13lb and we moved onto a connecta which also fits my OH who is a size 24 at min. Most good ergonomic slings will fit fine just avoid the crotch danglin high street ones which tend to be smaller and not as comfortable for you anyway. Enjoy wearing your baby.

Eta: here is a site that shows the waist strap length of a few buckle carriers, you could also try a mei tai, the straps are about 2m and cross in back then in front and you can tie under baby or back round the back which is what I do because I like the extra security.

Your size definitely won't be a problem.

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I've been around a UKsize 24/26 and worn a moby wrap, an ergo, a kinderpack and a ringsling just fine. I'm about a size 18 now and will likely get a moby for this baby. Moby's are huge!!!

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I use their wovens. I prefer the largest they sell; and that goes for all wovens. Get the longest they offer and you'll be ok

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I have a stretchy wrap. Its a je porte mon bebe wrap. Has loads of fabric. I asked too when buying it as I am big.

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